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Mike Likes to Watch

story and artwork by Justin Rutledge
additional poses by Ykwai

As I hid in the closet of my own bedroom, I couldn’t believe I was about to go through with this. Sure it was my idea to have my wife fuck another man while I watched, in fact, I was the one who talked her into it. And it hadn’t been easy. Karen is a beautiful 28 year old woman that men lust after, but she’d always been faithful to me throughout our 3-year marriage. When I first suggested that she screw another man, she was outraged, even going as far as to threaten divorce. But I was persistent, and I eventually wore her down. Now here we were, actually about to go through with it and I was the one getting cold feet, while my lovely wife Karen couldn’t have been more excited!
She sat on the bed, naked, her smooth, tanned body primed for lovemaking. She smiled at me and giggled, like a schoolgirl waiting for her first crush to arrive at the door.

I jumped a little when the door bell rang, and closed the closet doors.  She winked at me and smiled as she headed to answer the door. In a moment, there were low voices---hers and the deep voice of a man. Then, low whispers, laughter, and finally, silence. I wondered if  they must’ve been kissing. Then, I could hear her loud moans, and I KNEW they were kissing. Karen only made noises like that when she was extremely excited.  After a few seconds, she  brought the man into the bedroom, a muscular handsome man of about 25, tanned and already naked! He probably tore his clothes off the minute he saw her!

“I was surprised when you asked me over, Karen.Watching you workout in the gym every day, I never figured...”

“---Welll, you figured wrong, Tony.  I’ve had my eye on you for weeks.”

“Sure your husband won’t be coming home?”

“I told you...I wouldn’t care if he were four feet away. I’d still fuck your brains out.”



They began kissing passionately, and Tony started rubbing my wife’s already wet pussy. I couldn’t see exactly what he was doing, but her hips kept moving and grinding as he fingered her

“Your penis is a lot bigger than my husband’s,” she said.

“You sure it won’t hurt you?”

“I want it to hurt me. I don’t care how big it is, I want to take it all the way in!”

I was stunned! She’d always been gentle and easygoing in bed. This was a side of my wife I never knew existed. Tony kissed Karen again, and she began to make noises. as his tongue filled her mouth. His hands rubbed her pussy even harder, and she returned the passion, pushing her hips down and twisting her hips to meet his touch.

“First, we’re going to play a little,” he said..

He laid Karen down on the bed, lifting one of her legs to his face.
He grabbed her goot, raising it to his face, and licked the arch of her perfect feet. He then stuck her big toe in his mouth  and sucked. She giggled in delight.
“I’ve got something else you can play with, Tony.”

Karen threw her legs wide open to reveal a sopping wet pussy, her juices covering part of her inner thighs. She was facing the closet to make sure I could see everything.

“Lick my pussy, please! I’ve fantasized about you eating my pussy raw ever since the first time we met and started talking in the gym. You are such a hunk, Tony, and I’m desperate to have you make love to me!”


Tony’s tongue first lapped up some of the pussy juice from her vaginal entrance, then slid his face upwards to her clit. It was bigger than Mike ever remembered, and nearly blood red. She let out a loud wail as his tongue passed over the bulbous love knob between Karen’s legs, flicking it with his tongue, then pulling it away from the inner lips with his teeth.

“Oh God!”  she cried out. “:Oh my God, Tony! I love it!”

Tony then sunk his face all the way into her pussy, lapping up and down, then stroking side to her across her clitoris. Sometimes, he’d make a circle around it with his tongue. This drove Karen to even greater extremes. She was nearly out of her head with pleasure. He sucked, and pulled, flicked and licked for what seemed like hours, with Karen almost in tears, she was so excited. Then came a series of throaty low moans from her mouth. Her hips bounced up and down involuntarily, in time to his sucking, and she came. Her thighs bucked wildly against the sides of Tony’s face, then her hips thrust upwards, lifting her off the bed, and her pussy bucked forward into his waiting mouth. An animal cry, like nothing Mike had ever heard from her, exploded from her throat.

By this point, I couldn’t help getting a hard-on. It was everything I’d imagined and more! Watching this expert bringing my wife to one shouting orgasm after another was a major turn-on.

“”Let’s 69,” he said, and they got into position on the bed. She made sure that her face was pointed in my direction. Karen wanted me to see every long stroke she made on Tony’s giant cock. She took her time, too, slowly rising and falling on his shaft with her mouth, gradually taking most of it down her throat. She would look up at me as she did this, her face a curious mixture of pure lust and pure excitement. From my vantage point, I could even see Tony’s head bobbing back and forth between my wife’s ass cheeks.

“I love it when you rim my asshole like that, Tony! My husband never had the balls to do that to me!”
Their mutual suck fest went on for what seemed like hours. Karen’s hips bucked violently against his face in orgasm so many times, I lost count. But Tony had incredible self-control. He still hadn’t come once.

Karen stood him up by the front of the bed, close to the closet door, her back to me.

“It’s time for you to come, Tony,” she announced in that soft, sexy voice of hers.

“I was saving it up for this moment.”

“Oh, Tony, that’s so sweet,” she cooed. “I want you to know that you can unload your sweet cock inside of me anytime, anywhere.”

And with that, she jumped on his hips, wrapping her legs around his waist. He manuvered to bring his dick in between her legs, and stuck it up her vagina, to the hilt, grabbing her ass cheeks. He began pumping inside of her, giving Karen the ride of her life. 

After being fucked like she never had been,, Karen was reeling. Her head rolled back and forth and she didn’t seem to know where she was. Tony took the opportunity to further her pleasure by laying her body onto the bed and contined shoving his huge dick into her well-oiled pussy as far as he could.. At first she was limp from exhaustion,, but then as he began pounding her g-spot, she came to life again, yelling and screaming Tony’s name and every sexual curse word she could conjure.

“Fuck me! Yes, Tony, fuck me hard! Stick your cock up there! Do me forever! Fuck me with that cock forever!”

Tony continued pounding with piston-like motions, spurred on by Karen’s exhortations. Her head lolled back and forth, and several minutes passed of Tony’s non-stop, intense, steady pumping.

With her back on the bed, Karen raised her legs, wrapping them around Tony’s neck, and arching her hips. From this position, she could get a better angle to allow for much deeper penetration. She arched her back and squeezed her thighs, doing everything she could to suck his hungry dick deep into her snatch. With each inward and outward movement, she seemed able to take in more and more of Tony. Karen matched his movements thrust for thrust.


Tony was reaching orgasm now. Karen’s expert fucking was too much for the stud to handle. She guided his dick in and out of her pussy, moving her hips like a hooker, sucking the juices higher and higher out of his balls.

When he did come, he thrust his hips involuntarily upwards. 

“Karen! Yes! Oh, baby, yes! Oh yeah!”

And she matched his final thrust by pushing her hips down, rocking back and forth, then freezing to get a solid position on his dick as he came. As she watched his face in orgasm, it gave her another orgasm and they both climaxed at the same time. Her hips had lifted off the bed, while her head was thrown back and eyes rolled back in ecstacy. Then they collapsed together, kissing and fondling for another few minutes before falling asleep in each others’ arms. I was about to explode, and I desperately wanted Karen to do some of the things I’d seen her do with Tony, but I had to wait.


When Karen and Tony finally woke up, they chatted a while, not like a one-night stand, but like a couple of lovers. My wife sat on the bed, glancing at the closet door occasionally, angling her butt so I could see the sticky globs of Tony’s semen that were still flowing out of her cunt.

“I want to make another date with you, Karen.”

“E-mail me something sexy and we’ll arrange a time and place. We’ll have to be discreet. I don’t want my husband to know.”

“Don’t worry.”

“I want to be your whore, Tony” she said. “We can meet as often as you like, whenever you like. And I won’t get jealous if you fuck other women.”

After Tony left, she yanked my pants down and began giving me an expert  blowjob.  But halfway through, she stopped and looked up at me, a strange glint in her eyes.

“Tony and I are going to make another date, Mike. And I’m not going to tell you when. You can watch, if you want. But this time I’m going to let him fuck me all night long, as often as he wants, in any way he wants, and you’d better not interfere. Until further notice, you ONLY  get blowjobs, but Tony fucks me, and I give him blowjobs, too. Those are the new rules. Now,” she snickered. “What do you think of your little idea to have me fuck another man?”

I could only answer her in one way because I was stunned beyond words. I answered Karen by allowing her to finish her blowjob and by exploding a wad of come into her mouth. She laughed, after she had swallowed my juices and licked me clean. I laughed, too.

The End

copyright 2001 Justin Rutledge

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